A Look At Microsoft Security Essentials 2012

Microsoft Security Essentials 2012 is the recent installation in the Microsoft line of antivirus and antimalware program. Though it hasn’t really been introduced and made widely available yet, there are certain working samples for the program that are already circulating in the World Wide Web. A beta version of the program gives a user the chance to experience and to have a look at what Microsoft Windows Security Essentials 2012 can give to their PCs.

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Microsoft Essentials 2012 does not go far away from its predecessor, Microsoft Security Essentials 2011. In fact, the two antiviruses and antimalware programs are similar in more ways than one. The physical interface of the 2011 and 2012 program are the same. Both programs make use of the easy and simple physical interface used in the 2011 version. Thus, the user friendly tag carried by the Microsoft Essentials 2011 is passed to the 2012 version.

The functions and capabilities of the 2012 version are also similar with the Microsoft Security Essentials 2011 but with some minor additions. Microsoft Security Essentials 2012 is still able to provide the 24 – 7 real time protection that the 2011 Microsoft Security Essentials gives to computer users. It detects any harmful threats and notifies the user of such detected threats.

The system scanning capability of the 2011 Microsoft Security Essentials is also passed on to the 2012 version of the program. The only difference is that the virus and malware database of the 2012 version is much more updated with the recent viruses and malwares that may cause harm to the computer’s system. With the automatic update capability of the Microsoft Security Essentials, the virus database of the program can be updated anytime anywhere.

The program is also able to detect whether or not a firewall is up and running to protect your PC. IF no firewall is detected, it immediately notifies the user of the said problem and may suggest opening the windows firewall.

The dynamic signature service featured in the Microsoft Essentials 2012 detects bad behavior or files in a program even before it runs. As such, the user is notified and asked whether or not such changes will be allowed or if the program making such changes is a trusted and a known program.

The Microsoft Security Essentials 2012 is also able to block bad and untrusted software from making changes to the computer’s system. As such, threats are already detected and acted upon even before it becomes a real problem.

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A Quick Look At Microsoft Security Essentials 2011

There is no magic involve in trying to protect and secure your computer from any harmful threats. The only way to protect your computer from viruses, malwares, spywares and other threats that may cause harm to it is to install a program that can serve as an impenetrable wall to shield the contents of the computer from these threats. Microsoft Windows Security Essentials is a viable way to ensure that your computer is protected and remains as efficient as when you first used it.

So what is Microsoft Security Essentials 2011 and what can it offer to you?
Here are some of the features of Microsoft Security Essentials 2011.

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Real Time Protection
Real time protection is used to protect your computer in a 24 -7 basis. The program scans and filters every document that goes in the computer’s system and notifies the user of any potential harm or unusual behavior that a file does to your computer system. As such, the potential threat is detected even before it becomes a real problem.

System Scans
System scans using the Microsoft Security Essentials can be scheduled to automatically run in a provided schedule to ensure that the computer is safe and does not contain anything that may cause damage to the documents, files and necessary software installed in the PCs data base.

System scans can also be done in a variety of ways. Under a full scan, the program runs the scan of all the folders and files in the PC ensuring that nothing harmful is contained in the provided files and folders. While in a quick scan, only files and folders that are most vulnerable to threats and virus or malware attacks are scanned. A custom scan allows the user to select only particular files to scan.

System Cleaning
The system cleaning capability of the Microsoft Security Essentials makes it an even more efficient antivirus and antimalware computer program. System cleaning notifies the user of any detected threat and suggests possible solutions to the problem.

It may suggest quarantine to files that are detected to have a bad behavior but without a real virus or malware. This is to ensure that the said file or document does not really contain any threat. The remove function is suggested for those really harmful files detected in the computer’s system. The allow function notifies the user of any changes that a program wishes to do to the computer’s system and seeks the permission of an administrator before such program is allowed to make the changes it needs to run in the computer.

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Getting To Know Microsoft Security Essentials

For a long time, Microsoft Windows Security Essentials has been around the virtual world even before the Windows 7 operating system was introduced by Microsoft. It was first introduced in the Windows XP era as a suitable partner for computer users in protecting the contents and the computer in its entirety against any harmful threats.

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Before installing a Microsoft Security Essentials in your personal computers make sure that the computer is running with a genuine Microsoft windows operating system. The program requires such and will not run under an erroneous OS or falsely registered windows operating system.

Though the Microsoft Security Essentials has been available for quite some time, other individuals are only discovering just recently what Microsoft Security Essentials is and its capabilities. So what is Microsoft Security Essentials? It is just befitting to get to know what this product is using its very name. In fact, the name really tells it all.

There is no nonsense to say that majority of computers in the entire world has a Microsoft windows operating system. It is also no nonsense to say that a computer item with a tag of Microsoft in it carries the credibility and the efficiency that the multibillion Silicon Valley Company is known for.

Microsoft Security Essentials is designed with the technology and protection principles required in a giant business where several computers are needed to be run and secured day in and day out. Though it is designed to meet the requirements of giant businesses it can still be used by smaller companies and an individual computer user. Thus, it can be used by anyone and every computer user is able to get the same degree of protection that big companies get for their computers without spending big amount of money.

Microsoft Security Essentials is built and designed to protect computers with the Microsoft windows operating system from any harmful threats that may cause damage to its system or and files saved in it. The program is an antimalware, antivirus and antispyware software rolled into one. Thus, it is able to scan and detect almost every kind if not all harmful computer threats.

It is a known fact that protecting a computer from viruses and malwares is necessary to ensure its efficiency and longer life. The necessity of installing protection and safety programs in a pc can’t be overlooked, as such, the Microsoft Security Essentials is more than able to do the job to protect and secure every folder and file saved in a computer.

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