Installing Windows Security Essentials Updates on 32-bit Versions of Windows

Sometimes you might encounter difficulties when you are trying to install definition updates for Microsoft Windows Security Essentials. You will need to download and install the most recent Microsoft Security Essentials definition updates for computers that are running a 32-bit version of Windows.

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First download the download the definition updates, save the file to desktop in a separate file. Next, run the installation. It is recommended to save it to a desktop folder so it will be easy for you to find and run. To actually install the definition update from your saved definition file, there are a couple of different approaches.

In the event that you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, click Start. Next you will need to click Documents, and then find the folder with the saved definition file. Now right-click Mpam-fe.exe, click Run as Administrator, and then you will have to click Yes.

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You will be prompted for an administrator password. Type the password and give the confirmation and the definition files will be installed while you wait. I recommend whistling while you wait. It is kind of funny. Of course, if you are stoic, don’t whistle. It’s just a joke, people!

With any other Windows operating system, you will need to be logged on as an Administrator to properly install the definition file. Go to the file you saved on the desktop and click Mpam-fe.exe. and the latest definition file will be installed.

You may not have Administrator access on the computer you are working with. Request the assistance of an Administrator and they will log on and install the appropriate files for you.
If your system is running Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0.0375.0 or higher, you will need to do the following steps as well:

After downloading the latest definition updates, save and then run the Network Inspection System definitions for Microsoft Security Essentials. Click Run and the definition will be installed immediately. This is why I suggested saving the files to a folder on the desktop. It is just so much easier that way. You won’t have to search through system files to find the appropriate prompts. They will all be in an identifiable location which you can later save to a different file storage point.

With Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will have to do the following to install the definition update file that you saved:
Just browse the file you saved to your desktop and find the definition file nis_full.exe. Click Run as Administrator and after appropriate passwords have been given, click Yes. Again, the Administrator prompt will only work if the appropriate Administrator password has been entered. This ensures that those who don’t have the clearance to alter these files on the system will be unable to make changes.

After you have started the “Run” process, I again recommend whistling. Try it out. Smile, its Microsoft Security Essentials! It is one of the best system defenses that you can install, so it is a good thing to be happy about.
Microsoft Security Essentials Protects your computer against viruses, malware, spyware, and all other malicious software and it is very easy to use. It runs in the background and affects system speed to an unnoticeable degree. It will show you with color-coded icons if any threats are encountered. You will easily get the hang of it and you can rest easy knowing that your computer is protected with Microsoft Security Essentials.

WARNING! Downloading and Installing Windows Security Essentials may cause damage to your Windows operating system if your registry files are damaged. Click Here to run a FREE SCAN to detect and repair any Windows errors. Not doing so may cause your PC to crash a loose essential memory. Keep it Safe and Run a SCAN.

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